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Celebrate Thrive Allergy Free's 1 Year Anniversary with Our Exclusive Giveaway!

Join us in commemorating a year of thriving allergy free! As a token of gratitude for your unwavering support, we're excited to announce a special giveaway packed with prizes to enhance your journey towards a life unlimited by food allergies.


Are you a parent or family member of a child with suspected or diagnosed food allergies? Want to support your child better or learn more about food allergies?

Here's what's up for grabs:

1️⃣ Author Signed Copy of 'Thrive Allergy Free: Journey to a Life Unlimited by Food Allergies'

  • Dive into a world of empowerment and discovery with a personally signed copy of our transformative guide. 

2️⃣ Free Access to 'Food Allergy and Food Sensitivity for Kids' Programme

Unlock invaluable insights and resources with complimentary enrolment in our flexible 4 week comprehensive program.

  • Access to the Food Allergy and Food Sensitivity Webinar

  • Weekly Email Check-ins with Assignments

  • Tailored Weekly Meal Plans 

  • 'Does Your Child Have Food Allergies?' Handout

  • Essential Pantry List

  • Nourishing Recipe Guide

  • Food Diary (e-copy)

Disclaimer: The course is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. It is should serve as a guide to help you support your child navigate their food allergies.


3️⃣ Follow-Up 15-Minute Session with Dr. Uche Okorji-Obike

  • Gain further guidance and clarity with an exclusive chat following completion of the program. 

4️⃣ Personalised 15-Minute Discovery Call with

award winning Paediatric Children Allergy

Dietitian, Lydia Collin-Hussey

  • Receive individualised support 

  • Strategies from our expert dietitian.

*The winner will be announced on 30th April 2024*​

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Uche Okorji-Obike is a scientist, wife and mother.


Uche’s daughter, Chimamanda, was diagnosed with cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA) and egg allergy at three months old, even though she had been exclusively breastfed. In this book, Uche shares her family’s journey through their daughter’s food allergies – the winding path to a diagnosis; the struggles to manage the consequences; the impact on their relationships; and the unexpected opportunities and the successes.

As a scientist who spent her PhD years studying inflammation, the underlying mechanism that drives allergies, she has applied her research skills to gather the most salient and useful information for families of children with allergies. This combined with her very personal experience has cumulated in this short guide on how children and their families can thrive with allergies. Uche talks about dealing with remarks from friends and strangers alike on her daughter’s skin, the winding path to a diagnosis, the realisation of what was ahead, the impact on her parental expectations and how they are where they are now.

She is outspoken about allergies, sharing scientific information on the condition. She also shares practical tips on how to support children with suspected and diagnosed allergies as well as how to get the help needed to support them. She speaks and teaches on various platforms aimed at supporting families, children and caregivers on allergies. 

celebrate the 1 year anniversary of
Thrive Allergy FREE

“I hope everyone that picks up this book learns something new that can help them support someone with allergies, be it their own child, a relative, friend, colleague or neighbour.”

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