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Journey to life unlimited by Allergies.

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Welcome to Thrive Allergy free extra resource page. I am glad you have picked a copy of the book. I hope you find the information and extra resources useful.

Download your Thrive Allergy free book bonuses here

Click below to download your ‘cheat sheet’; for all chapters, including guides, posters,
recommendations, and templates.

Introduction extra bonus:
        3 Es of learning

Chapter 2
        Recommended Skincare routine for Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)
        How to make a wet wrap
        Guide on types of Emollient

Chapter 3
        Pictorial illustration of Immune system and Allergic reaction
        Handy Guide on Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis
        Schematic illustration on difference between wheat allergy and Coeliac disease
        Simple Guide on Pollen Food Syndrome (PFS) Allergy

Chapter 4
        Food Allergy Diary

Chapter 5
        Cow’s milk and Egg Allergy Reintroduction Recipes
        Focused guide on Reintroduction following introduction to solids.

Extra bonus:
        Food shopping and Meal planner

Chapter 8
       Allergy Essentials Bag with sample instruction card

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